Desire, Commit, Flourish

At CAN we desire to motivate, we operate on a commitment to excellence, and we are determined to help you reach your individual goals.

While our main focus is nutrition, we use nutrition as a vehicle to help you, the vessel that you are, GROW. We want you to feed your strengths and combat your weaknesses, resulting in a new and improved you that flourishes in any and all environments.

How does nutrition tie into flourishing? We’re so happy you asked! Nutrition seems to be one of the biggest struggles for most of us, when it should be one of the most straightforward facets of our lives. Why? Not because we’re undereducated or because we’re too lazy to cook or grocery shop. The real reason is because of what we’re taught over and over again by commercials, school teachers, and (unfortunately) our largest, even government-level institutions. With all these avenues feeding us primarily incorrect information about nutrition, we lose sight of what’s true and false, what’s best for US and how to sift through the mounds of information. Eventually, we end up living in uncertainty and with a lack of self-understanding.

Nutrition to the Rescue!

We believe in this:

“Educate yourself. When a question about a certain topic pops up, [research] it. . . . When something sparks your interest, read about it. Read, read, read. Study, learn, stimulate your brain. Don’t simply rely on the system, educate that beautiful mind of yours!”

If we’re educating ourselves, gaining knowledge, strengthening our beliefs, and seeing physical results along the way, don’t you think this will help us build some sense of confidence and self-worth? We vote YES!

Our mission is not to tell you that one diet vs another is better. We’re not here to tell you to exercise this way, eat at this time, drink this instead of that (unless it’s water). Our mission is to value you as an individual, to learn as much as we can about YOU. Who you are, what makes you tick, and with this information, work alongside you as your own personal guide. Allowing you to make all the decisions for yourself, but helping you navigate through the muddy waters, so you come out the other side the best possible version of YOU!


Christmas Abbott Nutrition

Christmas Abbott Nutrition

We’re a team of client-focused health and wellness coaches, dedicated to helping you reach your unique goals. We focus on results and simplicity. We believe that nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. We believe that by living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is about replacing old habits with new, effective ones, making smarter choices on a daily basis, and eating foods that fuel your body in the best way possible.