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We are client-focused health and wellness experts, dedicated to helping you reach your unique goals. We focus on results and simplicity. We believe that nutrition shouldn’t be complicated. We believe that living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is about replacing old habits with new, effective ones, making smarter choices on a daily basis, and eating foods that fuel your body in the best way possible.

What CAN you expect?

  • Small changes, massive results

  • A program tailored to your lifestyle

  • No more fad diets

  • A commitment like no other

Consider this your blueprint to success.

Thorough Assessment

We assess your whole health picture. We look at a variety of factors to determine your nutrition plan. This includes current eating habits, activity level, health history, metabolism, and beyond.

Individualized Plan

Our macro calculator allows you to better understand when, what, and how much to eat, ultimately supporting your body composition and physical goals. Tailored to your lifestyle, your individual plan will be simple to understand and easy to implement.
Relentless Accountability

Receiving your plan is just the beginning. We enable you the client, to uitilize the tools that activate self accountability and cultivate strong relationships with your nutrition and body cues. In addition, you will have access to Christmas and her team for support, and you will be able to share your journey with the CAN community. Support guarantees you’ll never feel alone.
Supplement as Needed

We help identify nutrient deficiencies and recommend supplementation as needed. We educate you on the importance of sourcing quality supplements to achieve optimal results.

My team and I promote a safe space of communication and multiple points of personal touch.
Goal Tracking

With your unique dashboard, and accuracy tracker you and a Client Support Coach will be able to assess your goals and develop action steps to reach them in real time.

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At CAN we advocate lifestyle change (over short-term fix), but we understand you might be hesitant to jump right in, so we offer three unique packages to fit your needs, commitment level, and budget.
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The CAN platform powered by Solid.Fit allows you to track your nutrition, exercise, sleep, and water and to communicate with Christmas and her team in REAL time from an Android, iPhone, desktop, or laptop. With a 1 Million+ database of foods and exercises, CAN allows you to control what you’re putting into your body and receive feedback all on one dashboard. Say goodbye to my fitness pal, spreadsheets, and those little notebooks!

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How is this different from the Badass Body Diet?

We are glad you asked! There are some exciting new differences, but in general we are still chasing after your goals of a Badass Body. Major differences include an online coaching platform + application (iPhone & Android) designed for client ease with streamlined meal tracking, one-on-one communication with your coach, progress tracking, your very own marketplace and much more we cannot wait to share with you.

What am I committing to when I sign up with CAN?

You are committing to the program of your choice. As your program is nearing it’s end, your coach will set up a closing meeting with you, where you both will discuss sustainable next steps. Ultimately it is your decision. We will only ever serve as your guide, not an enforcer.

What sets CAN apart?

It took you this long to ask…. Are you sure you’re ready for life changing results? Solid.Fit is the customized platform that has been created specifically for CAN. This platform is the hub of our nutrition coaching, helping us better assist you to reach your goals, communicate and customize your nutrition needs throughout your time working with us and much much more.

How does CAN support client success?

CAN enables you to connect via email and chat with Christmas and her Client Support Coaches. This ensures you are getting all the support you need, while fitting into our fast pace lifestyle.

I work unusual hours (graveyard shifts, etc…), can I still be a CAN client?

HECK YES! Remember, we love a good challenge. Every client is unique in their own way and we are more than happy to work with whatever life throws at you as an individual. Simply be open and honest with your coach and we will work with you to plan an easy to implement program around your schedule to help you reach your goals.

What if I have special dietary needs, restrictions or other nutritional needs?

We love a good challenge. We will be happy to work with any specific dietary needs you may have. We thrive off of client transparency and are confident in our coaching staff’s ability & education to help you navigate your individual struggles and/or special needs.

Do you design meal plans?

We can, but wouldn’t that take the fun out of learning? Your CAN coach will be teaching you how to create a lifestyle that is sustainable. Initially coaches will guide you in reaching your goals while enjoying the foods that you love. But we want you to learn to walk on your own so you can live the Badass Life you’ve always dreamed!

Do I get to have cheat days?

Our philosophy is based on balance. As coaches we will not take “cheat days: into consideration when creating your nutrition plan. However, we will not stop you from having a piece (or 3) of Grandma’s homemade apple pie, celebrating your best friends wedding or mom’s home cooking. If you do decide to “cheat,” or have urges similar to this we will be happy to work with you on combating them or minimizing their effects on your progress.

Do you program workouts/gym routines?

Partially. We will not create a workout routine for you, but we can and will provide you with some basic exercises to kick up your workouts as well as help you reach your goals.

What is the price of the program?

You call the shots here. Our prices vary depending on the program that best fits YOU. See full breakdown of programs & offerings above.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the program or don't see the results I want?

All sales are final. The effectiveness of our program is a function of the coach but is largely determined by you and your commitment.

How do I change the credit card I have on file?

Simply login to your Solid.Fit account and edit information as needed.


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